Start benchmark candidate experience in The Netherlands

AMSTERDAM, March 28th, 2017 - Search & Co Group has started a national candidate experience benchmark on how companies are really treating their applicants. The group wants to help companies substantially improve their candidate journey and candidate experience.

Search & Co Group, active within recruitment for almost 20 years, believes that a better candidate experience will lead to higher quality candidates for new positions and a better reputation.

Companies which give their candidates a poor experience will damage their reputation as an employer. A negative candidate experience is easily shared via social media (i.e. Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Glassdoor) and within the personal network of applicants. Consequences are that canddiates are less likely to apply at such companies with a bad reputation.

Good procedures taking care of candidates will lead to more and better applicants. Even rejected candidates will share their positive experiences with others as long as they feel they were taken seriously and are treated with respect throughout the whole candidate journey.

Many different organizations have decided to participate this national benchmark: Ahold Delhaize, the NH Hotel Group, care institute Philadelphia, AstraZeneca, care institute Bartimeus, insurance company VIVAT, Allianz Global Assistance, legal aid insurance DAS, NUON energy, public transport company GVB, health care insurer ONVZ, JVH gaming & entertainment Group, Gelre hospitals, Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs Group, VU University Medical Center Amsterdam, Avans University of Applied Sciences, elderly care institute Warande, natural gas distribution company ENGIE, college schools ROC of Amsterdam and ROC of Flevoland, Landal GreenParks and the municipalities Zaanstad and Zeist.

There are still a few spaces left for larger companies active in sectors not represented in this survey to join this national benchmark of the Search & Co Group.

A predecessor of the current survey already showed that the average candidate experience in The Netherlands is far below standard. Candidates do not receive a confirmation of their application, expectations are managed poorly, they are not rejected in time and even receive a standard rejection without mentioning why, based upon their experiences and knowledge, they did not get the job.

This survey also showed us that applicants are far more tempted to share their negative candidate experiences with others. It appears that the majority of these candidates will no longer buy any products or services from such an organization.

The Search & Co Group hopes that this new survey will give good overall insights on candidate experience within the participating companies and will provide them valuable insights on how there are doing compared with other companies. In order to help them improve their candidate journey and candidate experience.

Would you like more information or to participate in our benchmark?
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