Referral recruitment

Recruiting through ambassadors using smart referral tooling, rewarding every recruitment contribution made, ensures that you can hire at least 30% of new employees via referrals and save up to 50% or more on recruitment.

Referral tooling
Companies often give a cash reward before or after the probationary period for a referred and hired new colleague. They often forget that many other employees also made an important recruitment contribution and do not reward this effort. Employees who are rewarded for each recruitment contribution mad, using special Firstbird referral tooling, are more likely to participate in your referral program. You can let them save points so that they can buy nice gifts in your rewardshop or an outing with the team. Using this tool, they can easily share messages or vacancies in their personal network. With the Firstbird app, your employees become internal ambassadors for your company.

60% savings using referrals
Recruiting through ambassadors using smart Firstbird referral tooling, so that every recruitment contribution is rewarded, ensures that you can save up to 60% on recruitment. Answer the questions at and you will receive a calculation with all relevant data and growth scenarios free of charge and without obligation within two working days.

Which rewards do your ambassadors prefer?
We always first ask how employees want to be rewarded for each recruitment contribution and whether they are really willing to help and want to refer candidates. We then come up with an analysis and indicate how the various internal target audiences want to be rewarded and lay the foundation for your referral program so that you can recruit at least 30% new employees within two years thanks to the use of referrals.

Referral recruitment workshop
We also offer in-company workshops to inspire employees with referrals facts and figures work and how they can use referrals to recruit future employees.

Referral campaign content
To have ambassadors of your organization actively share your company jobs and content it is important that it is fun and authentic content. Visualize atmosphere and culture of your organization. We can help you provide special content on a weekly basis which you can use in your internal referral campaign.

We are the exclusive partner of Firstbird in The Netherlands and Belgium.