Referral recruitment

Do you want to recruit more and better candidates through referral recruitment? We can help you set up or improve your referral program.

pijlStep by step plan how to set up or upgrade your referral program

Through our in-company workshops we help organizations to first set up the basis and decide which referral program would suit your company best. We will also make sure that all stakeholders are on board and involved right from the start. Once the referral foundation has been laid it will be easier to choose the right referral software if needed.

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pijl Which rewards generate the most referral hires?

Before you start using a referral program it is crucial that you first investigate which rewards your employees like best and if they are willing to help you with your recruitment challenge.

We do thorough research within your organization and analyze the different reward needs of your employees per internal target audience.

Together with the right stakeholders we will set up the basis of your referral program in order for you to achieve 30% hires via referrals within two years.

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pijl Which referral software suits your organization best?

Would you like to know which software can support a referral program where every recruitment contribution can be rewarded?

We can show you which referral software suppliers are available worldwide including their differences. Combined with a business example.

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pijl60% savings using referrals

Recruiting through ambassadors using smart referral tooling, so that every recruitment contribution is rewarded, ensures that you can save up to 60% on recruitment. Answer these questions and you will receive a calculation with all relevant data and growth scenarios free of charge and without obligation within two working days.

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pijl Referral campaigns

We can help devise and set up a complete referral campaign. We jointly develop a strategy and thereby lay the foundation for your referral campaign and content calendar.

To have ambassadors of your organization actively share your company jobs and content it is important that it is fun and authentic content. Visualize atmosphere and culture of your organization. We can help you provide special content on a weekly basis which you can use in your internal referral campaign.

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